Dear Terrible Crossing the Line Moderator,

My roommate and I get along pretty well, but he has a bunch of habits that kind of bug me. I can’t tell if it’s worth talking to him about them or if I’m just being oversensitive. This is my first time sharing a room with someone and I’m still feeling it out.

Peeved in Paloma

Dear Peeved,

Okay first of all I want to emphasize that this is a safe environment, and there’s no judgement. So your roommate gets under your skin? Is it because you’re gay for him? Whoah, listen, this is a No Judgement Zone. Nothing leaves this room. Do your parents know you’re gay? Come back, the line is over here!

Dear Terrible Crossing the Line Moderator,

I was biking through White Plaza and I stopped to talk to some of the people tabling for a group. I put my water bottle down while i was talking and a few minutes later one of the tablers- who I did not know- picked it up and took a swig. I should have said something… but I just walked away. Should I get tested?

Waterjacked in West Lag

Dear Waterjacked,

I am so proud of you for having the strength to do this. You’re already a star. Now, cross the line if you’re a spineless doormat who can’t stand up for herself… Come on, Waterjacked, I think we all know which side of the line you belong on. Get on over there. That’s right. When will you start standing up for yourself? Not today, apparently.

Dear Terrible Crossing the Line Moderator,

I was tabling in white plaza and someone put their water bottle next to mine. When they left, they grabbed mine instead of their own and biked off with it. Should I have said something to them? I was pretty surprised and let them ride away without saying anything.

Koncerned in Kairos

Dear Koncerned,
Wait, THEY took YOUR water? But she said- I mean, uh… Everything here is strictly confidential. But, oh man, how can I…? I know something you don’t know!

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