Dear Guy Selling A Capella Tickets in White Plaza,

I have a really busy quarter coming up and I’m worried I’m not going to have time to see my friends. Do you have any tips for balancing my academic and social interests?

Busy in Burbank

Dear Busy,

It can tough to keep up with friends when you’re taking a heavy courseload. But you know what, you should invite your friends to my a capella group’s winter show. It’s Saturday night in Toyon, and it’s going to awesome. We sing a mix of popular and original songs, and we do little skits in between numbers. It’s a great study break!

Dear Guy Selling A Capella Tickets in White Plaza,

While I love all the new friends I’ve made at Stanford, I feel like I’m falling away from my friends back home. How can I make sure I keep them in the picture?

Homesick in Haus Mitt

Dear Homesick,

I know how you feel, and you should totally come to my a capella group’s winter show this Saturday. The theme of the show is Friends. Like the TV show, you know with Jennifer Aniston. We act out all the different characters…I’m Ross…and sing popular songs from the 90s. I’ll be there for you…

Dear Guy Selling A Capella Tickets in White Plaza,

I’ve decided to major in English because I love literature, but my parents don’t see that as a legitmate course of study. What can I do to convince them that this is the right path for me?

Literary in Larkin

Dear Literary,

Well, that’s a difficult…Sarah! Hey! Sarah! Come over here! I know you want to buy some tickets to see our winter show…c’mon, you know you want to! It’s Saturday night in Toyon! C’mon Sarah…OK see you later! So…sorry, what was your problem?

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