Amidst staff from corporate giants such as HP and Costco, leaders from Israel and Palestine attended a team-building conference last Tuesday in an attempt to improve morale and chemistry between the two.  The conference featured such activities as the human knot, which Prime minister Nehtanyahu and Hamas leader Khalel Mashaad both called “illuminating.”

Said Nehtanyahu, “I had no idea Palestinians were willing to work on untangling difficult knots,” as he fell backwards into the open arms of the Hamas delegate during the trust fall exercise.

The two went on to share their deepest darkest fears, and found out that they shared common ground over a fear of missiles and Syria.

At the end of the workshop Nehtanyahu and Mashaad were presented with “We’re All in This Together”-themed goodie bags at the closing ceremony, which included Friendship Bears, sponsored by Build a Bear Workshop.

Stated Mashaad, “My Friendship Bear reminds me that Israelis can be my friends too. That’s because his name is Moses.”

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