Another year has passed, and already Halloween is fading into nothing more than a memory. The candy has been eaten, the drunken mistakes made and regretted, and the costumes packed or thrown away- except for Sigma Nu Junior Chris McDowell’s self-described “hilarious” costume. After shopping for hours to find the “perfect dress-heels combo” and applying his own makeup, even creatively using two styrofoam hemispheres to simulate breasts, Chris proudly debuted as a woman at Mausoleum party. But his brothers reported surprise and confusion when he appeared at breakfast the next morning, still fully in costume.

Chris’ roommate Bob Slader explained, “Well, it was just unexpected… We all laughed, and he laughed too, but then he ate his breakfast, changed into yoga pants and a tank top and went to the gym. That was… rough.”

Chris responded with shock. “What? No way, I wasn’t wearing my costume from the night before, that was a totally different outfit. Same tits, though. Anyway, it’s just ‘cuz it’s so funny, ya know?”

Reported Sigma Nu social chair, “I just can’t tell, you know, if there’s something he wants to tell us. He keeps insisting it’s a joke. Can you just write… Like, we all love and support him, no matter what. Publish that.”

Chris, however, was unwavering. “Dude, it’s a joke! What, can’t they take a joke? This is so crazy, so CLASSIC Chris, haha! Dude, smell my neck.”

Slader commented, “Is.. is he wearing perfume? I think he’s been wearing perfume. I mean, he smells fantastic, but still. He needs to… Well either take it off, or you know, talk to us. We’re here if he needs to talk.”

Chris, however, insists the joke is only getting funnier with age. “Wow, wouldn’t it be so funny, like so hilarious, if some dude mistook me for a chick, and started hitting on me, and we went on a date or something? As a joke! Haha!”

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