With the Final Study List Deadline looming, overachieving and non-committal students alike were forced to finalize their schedules for Fall Quarter. No student was more concerned about this decision than sophomore Craig Denney, who after three weeks of classes still couldn’t make up his mind about his Introductory Seminar, LAZE 106N: Modern Studies in Afternoon Napology.

“I thought I’d be able to handle it, y’know?” Denney admitted as he waited half an hour for Axess to process his log-in request. “But my other twelve units are a heavy load as it is, and piling on such a demanding seminar course was a mistake.”

The flustered sophomore also shopped, but ultimately dropped, ATHLETIC 142: Kite-Flying: Advanced Intermediate, as well as another course in the budding “Laziness Studies” Program: LAZE 28: Comparative Studies in Netflix Queue Building. At press time, Denney was “strongly considering” keeping his afternoon nap, despite the difficulties this would impose on him.

“It’s a commitment I’m going to have to keep every day, even when I have problem sets to do, or PWR papers that will tempt me away from my afternoon nap. But hey, I came to Stanford to challenge myself.”

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