Dear High School Senior Applying to Stanford,

I’m trying to get some research experience, but I don’t know how to find professors who are looking for undergrads to work in their labs. What should I do?

-Looking for a Lab in Loro

Dear Looking,

I don’t have much lab experience, but I do have abundant leadership experience. I am both president of National Honors Society and captain of the golf team. From these extracirriculars, I learned how to manage time effectively and take feedback from my peers. You should apply these and other skills to the task of finding a lab.


Dear High School Senior Applying to Stanford,

I like to walk around my dorm with no shoes on, but then my feet get dirty. I’m kind of short and it’s hard to wash my feet in the shower. Suggestions?

-Barefoot in Burbank

Dear Barefoot,

Wow, you’re quirky! If I were your roommate, we would have a lot to talk about. I hope you don’t mind me waking up every morning to greet the sun and do yoga, which is an important part of my daily routine that I plan to continue in college. You can read all about what makes me unique in my essay ‘Letter to my Roommate!’


Dear High School Senior Applying to Stanford

Stanford is a really busy place–both in terms of homework and social activities. Sometimes I feel like between cranking out psets and going to parties I’ve lost sight of who I am and no longer have the same appreciation for life that I used to. What are your thoughts?

-Aimless in Alondra

Dear Aimless,

I feel your pain–when I found out that I only got a 650 on my Biology SAT II, I felt like my life no longer had any meaning.  I’m not a URM, I’m not a legacy–frankly I don’t even know if I have any hooks.  I asked people on College Confidential to chance me and they said that my numbers were decent but it’s hard to tell with a top-tier school like Stanford.  I’ve re-written my essay five times. I need this–more than I’ve ever needed anything.

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