Students eating at FloMo dinning last Tuesday were delighted to find that a hint of lemon juice had been added to an otherwise nondescript Salmon recipe. “This fish dish is zesty, intricate, and refined,” commented Steven Bishop ’15, a self-identified food aficionado. Students were so pleased that they lined up for seconds, and even thirds, leaving piles of rice pilaf, and string squash untouched. Herbert Goodman, head chef of FloMo dining admitted that the hit recipe was “mostly an accident.” “I knocked a whole bunch of lemons from the shelf as I was making breakfast, and they sort of landed in the the salmon sauce. I thought to myself, ‘what the heck… why not?’” The chef was pleased that his accident was such a success, and indicated he might try drenching different cuts of meat in other citrus fruit juices. “You never know how good it might be, just imagine the possibility of grapefruit beef!”

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