Last Thursday, Stanford’s largest career fair attracted hundreds of students to White Plaza to speak with over 300 employers about internships and industry. One student, Galen Solinsky, found that informally speaking with employers and simply handing out a paper resume was insufficient. Instead, he tattooed his resume onto his chest and simply strode through White Plaza, shirtless.

“Anyone who is hoping to enter the job market should permanently have their resume on their body. You never know when you gotta whip that thing out and show an employer,” said Galen when we questioned him. While other students looked downright silly shuffling their paper resumes and dropping their business cards, Galen just stuck out his chest and raised his arms to employers like JP Morgan and the CIA.

“That kind of commitment to finding a career is very admirable in an industry such as ours. We offered Galen a top position as soon as we saw that resume neatly printed on his shaven, golden, glistening chest,” said Jamie Dimon, a recruiter at JP Morgan Chase.

“When I need to update my resume, I will just get a new tattoo. Maybe I’ll add my ‘references’ to my biceps and ‘additional experience’ to my arm pits,” Galen finished.

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