SILICON VALLEY, CA–iPhone developers from the Silicon Valley area recently launched a new app called SpotFlag, which promises to tell you about events that are going on around you. This app promises to be about extreme local, so much so that it is planning to tell you about events you are already at.

“Have you ever been at an event and you just don’t know what event you are at?” said lead developer Corey Polinson. “That is the pain point we are trying to solve.”

Polinson says the market for people who are really confused about where they are and what the hell is going on is enormous, and estimates that the size is about four billion dollars.

“Here is how I think about it,” said marketing directory Jillian Rontblatt. “Have you ever been at a Coldplay concert and wondered, what concert am I even at? With SpotFlag, we can tell you that you are at a ColdPlay concert.”

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