In an effort to promote their public image and regain their house, the fraternity Kappa Sigma is offering free breast cancer screenings in White Plaza to all females of Stanford.

“We really want to promote breast cancer awareness among the female population at Stanford,” said the president of Kappa Sig. “Medical care can be expensive, and our fraternity is thrilled about offering a free manual examination to all women of Stanford. It’s the duty of every woman to get screened and the duty of each Kappa Sig male to help that woman.”

Kappa Sig members have received extensive training in how to refer women who may have early signs of breast cancer, how to properly disrobe women, and how to differentiate between groping and checking for unusual bumps.

According to members of Kappa Sig, the screenings are also most accurate when the Kappa Sig member has consumed alcoholic beverages that make their response rates more tuned and accurate. They are aiming to offer about 700 hours of free mammograms per week in order to reach their community service requirement of 500 hours. “It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it,” said Kappa Sig member Ryan Sullivan.

If proven a success, “Bros for Boobs” could be the PR event to help Kappa Sig reinstate their house next year.

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