• We accept girls with all shades of blonde hair
• To please our national charter, we love doing many unique, philanthropic events such as:
⁃ Annual Fundraiser for Chronically Shy Girls
⁃ Pancake Sundays, where we give away all the pancakes that have too many carbs for us to eat
⁃ We sometimes prefer having “girls night” instead of getting really shitfaced
• When we get shitfaced, we still look cute
• We have a private Marguerite bus that goes straight between KA and the hospital
• We charge only $399.99 per quarter to let you have unlimited alcohol!*
• We have classy and fun parties with themes such as “Sluts and Hoes” and “Let’s Get Drunk”
• We all love each other because we are sisters!

*While supplies last

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