ANNENBERG AUDITORIUM- At approximately 8:28 AM on Friday, March 18th, sophomore Daniel Kronin found himself in a conundrum. After waking up at 7 AM, Kronin took time to be fresh, go down the stairs of Crothers Memorial Hall, and have his bowl and cereal at Stern Dining.

This long process caused him to arrive at Annenberg for his Econ 1A final with just two minutes to spare. Unfortunately, all of the seats in the auditorium were filled except for one seat in the middle of the room. After weighing his options and agonizing over the decision for at least 15 or 20 seconds. Kronin sat down in the one empty seat.

When asked by a slew of reporters after the test, Kronin described his thoughts on the situation as follows:

“Well, I could see that it was kickin’ in the front row, but there was no space there. I saw there were people sittin’ in the back row too. I mean, to be honest, there was only one seat in the whole auditorium, but I wanted to make sure I thoroughly contemplated the pros and cons before choosing it.”

When asked what he thought of the final exam, Kronin replied, “It was fun, fun, fun, fun, and now I’m lookin’ forward to the weekend.” Kronin is now a YouTube sensation and is touring the country inspiring kids to make good decisions.

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