Anderson Cooper, journalist and anchor of the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360, was attacked on the streets of Cairo during the violent riots in Egypt. CNN producer, Steven Bursk, declared, “Anderson said he was punched in the head ten times.” With the help of his crew, Cooper was able to reach CNN’s helicopter and was able to find his way to a neutral zone away from the riot. Despite his injuries, Cooper has managed to benefit from his Egyptian broadcast. According to a recent survey, the story has made Anderson “sexier and more desirable.”

In fact, many critics are saying that his bruises and cuts are located on the perfect places on his face to accentuate his chiseled features. “The cuts bring out the blue steel in his eyes,” said Stanford psychology professor of facial expressions, Lisa Ritz. San Jose viewer Sharon Petri said, “Anderson’s scar on his forehead makes him a hotter, older version of Harry Potter. I will definitely be watching his news show, now that he has those scars.”

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