Sophomore Mark Carlton has started to question the importance of the random stickers on his laptop after realizing they no longer have any relevance to his life and are, in general, not very well thought out articles of self-expression. Though he did admit the stickers allow him to feel superior to those who do not display their beliefs through stickers, Carlton has reconsidered his actual interest in the social issues they address. For example, Carlton has a sparkly sticker expressing his feminist views, though he himself is not invested in the feminist movement in any way. And though Carlton has also added several tech companies’ logos onto the computer and a few startups’ stickers as well, he is in no way connected to any startup and just wants to seem as accomplished as his technology-oriented peers.

However, though Carlton has finally decided to stop deceiving himself and others with his misleading laptop decorations, he has been unable to remove the stickers from his computer. They seem to now be a permanent fixture, even though most of them no longer relate to Carlton’s interests. “I’m not really sure where any of these are from,” Carlton admitted. “And I’m definitely not in this club anymore. Yeah, I really wish I had just put the stickers on my water bottle. That seems like less of a commitment.”

At press time, Carlton was attempting to scrape off a “Hillary 2016” sticker from his computer.


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