For freshmen in the class of 2014, one of the hardest parts of adjusting to college is the rigor of Dead Week as final exams approach.  Freshmen this year have complained about the overwhelming amount of Study Break events that are flooding their e-mail inboxes and dorm announcement boards.  Stephanie Johnson, a freshman in Otero, vented, “There are just way too many Study Breaks I want to attend this week.  I feel like I can’t get through it all. I’m so stressed.”

Upperclassmen claim that it is simply a matter of time before freshmen adjust to the Dead Week routine.  “Its just something you get accustomed to with experience,” says junior Ernie Hawkins, “One of my main strategies is to go to the library whenever I need a break, and just sit down and do some studying so that I can unwind from all the Study Break events I have been attending.”

Hawkins is just one of the many students who have flooded Meyer and Green libraries this week, attempting to get away from all the free cookies and fun events back at the dorms.  “At a place like Stanford, its easy to start stressing out as final exams approach,” Hawkins adds, “which is why its important to set aside a small amount of time, maybe just half an hour every day, to take a break from Study Breaks and do some studying.”

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