When Wilma and Adarbad stormed out of Gaieties 45 minutes into the show, few people took notice. Most people thought that they were simply leaving to go to the bathroom; no one, however, realized that they were making a political statement. “We, the two Zoroastrians at Stanford are appalled, offended, and also extremely flabbergasted at the conduct of the Gaieties producers. They made fun of everyone but us!” Wilma and Adarbad argue that it is impossible for Zoroastrians to feel comfortable in the Stanford community if they are left out of the teasing.

Gaieties 2010 made fun of several different groups on campus, prompting Ujaama to leave after they felt that African Americans had been made fun of disproportionately. From the Zoroastrian perspective, however, Ujaama should feel lucky. “We are jealous of the black people,” said Adarbad. “Black people are so beloved at Stanford that they got made fun of the worst. I dream of a day when Gaieties makes a joke about Wilma and Adarbad. We are very funny people you know!” It’s true, Adarbad has a great sense of humor, which he demonstrated by imitating a snake transforming into a dolphin. Funny stuff.

The Stanford Zoroastrians on campus are planning to meet with the Gaieties staff to discuss ways that they can be made fun of in the future without making other groups jealous.

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