As one who regularly likes to pay women compliments on their racks, this makes no sense to me. Has ‘rack’ somehow become a derogatory term? Tell that to the elks who have racks of antlers on their heads. Tell that to the pool players who regularly rack ’em up. And yes, tell that to the women who have massive, compliment-worthy racks.

Say I buy into the notion that the world rack is somehow offensive. Should I be yelling ‘NICE TA-TAS’ instead as I drive by a group of walking women in my car? Would that not ruffle their feathers as much? I’m gonna call ’em like I see ’em no matter what word you want me to use, but personally I think ta-tas just sounds silly.

Is it possible that women feel slightly cheapened when I compliment them on their racks? Maybe they feel like they have nothing to offer other than a nice set of hooters and that’s all the world cares about? Because if that’s the case, maybe I can always yell ‘NICK RACK AND NICE ASS’ to let them know I don’t just consider them one-trick ponies. Because the two are often correlated, racks and ass.

The bottom line is, I just don’t get it. If some bitch yelled ‘NICE CHEST’ at me I wouldn’t be offended, I’d be flattered. I’d be more than flattered, I’d be turned the fuck on. If she was hot. Times have changed, I guess. My father was fond of saying that kind of thing to women as they passed by our mobile home, and I’ve got seven brothers and sisters so I guess it worked out well for him.

But I haven’t been as lucky as dad, and I’m open to the idea that there is some point I am missing entirely. If that’s the case I would be happy to sit down and learn from a woman about respect and good manners…particularly if that woman had a sweet pair of knockers. Excuse me—tits. See? I’m trying.

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