The University was met with a flood of complaints after it began using the AlertSU system to notify members of the Stanford community about female peepers. According to Terrence Goodman, a victim of a female peeper, “I thought I was dreaming about a woman in the shower with me, and then I realized there was one right outside the shower! I told her, ‘stop watchin’, come on in!’”

But it wasn’t long before the AlertSU system sent a report of the incident to all of campus. A few minutes later, five Sigma Chi members showed up. “It was a major cockblock,” complained Goodman. “And to make matters worse, those Sigma Chi guys took over the shower, so I couldn’t even finish shampooing.”

Even former peeper victim Lauren Davidson ’11 claimed, “If it had been a woman watching me, I’d have invited her in too. She could have helped me get soap on those tough to reach spots mid-back.”

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