STANFORD–Last week, the Stanford women’s basketball team took on the UConn Huskies in a tough NCAA championship match. Although the women’s team came out with a loss, many die hard fans reported that it looked great on the iPad.

“It was hard watching Jayne Appel miss all those shots, but the quality of the video on the iPad was unbelievable,” said basketball fanatic Roger Bueller.

The Cardinal went down on a 17-2 run, but those who watched it on the iPad reported that the animation for the score ticker on the bottom was absolutely unprecedented.

“I hate to see us lose,” said a mother of one of the players, “but watching it on my iPad, I felt like I was right in the stadium with them!”

Other disappointed fans confirmed that although it was hard to watch the title slip away, the high speed wi-fi connection made for a great viewing experience.

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