By a ProFro

Hey guys, I’m a member of the Stanford class of 2014! Well, maybe the Stanford Class of 2014. I also got into Yale, Harvard, Princeton and MIT. Did you hear that this was the hardest year to get into the top schools? That’s okay though, since I got into five of the best ones. Each of my schools only accepted 7.6 percent of the applicants. That means I’m in the top .0002% of students in the country! It’s great to hear people acknowledge how great we are. On the way to the Admit Weekend opening ceremony, I met a Junior majoring in physics. He didn’t seem to be impressed with any of the ProFros. I bet he wouldn’t have gotten in if he had applied this year. The admissions officers say they never make mistakes, but I bet what they really mean is that they didn’t make any mistakes this year. With the high acceptance rate they had two years ago, I bet they accepted loads of people who don’t belong here.

Did you go to the opening ceremony for Admit Weekend? I thought it was pretty cool. Our class has done lots of amazing things. You remember the kid who was named the top young scientist of the year by Time Magazine? That was me. How about the one who discovered the “Alzheimer’s Gene?” Well, that was me too! Our class sure has done a lot.

I think the best thing about preparing for college is joining groups and meeting people on Facebook. I’m a member of the Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, and Yale Classes of 2014 and the MIT Class of 2013 (I worked it out—If I go to MIT, I’ll be able to graduate in three years with a double major). I just think it’s important for everyone to know what options I have. How else are they going to convince me their school is the best?

This Admit Weekend has definitely been wonderful. I don’t know how I’m ever going to decide where I want to go, but with all of my awards and achievements from high school, I’m sure I’ll be successful no matter what. After all, I’m the best of the best! 

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