After three weeks in the box office, Michael Moore’s new film, “Capitalism: A Love Story” has netted nearly 26 million dollars in ticket sales. The film, Moore’s first in several years, criticizes greed and disproportionate wealth in American society. But for Michael Moore, experiencing the multimillion-dollar profits from his film has led to a change in heart.

The Flipside tracked Moore down to his new mountainside water park and asked him what prompted this change of heart. Moore explained, “I guess talking to all those people losing their homes from foreclosure and bankruptcy was sad… but, I mean it’s not my fault they’re poor.” Moore then proceeded to point out all the cool stuff he could now buy from his film earnings, including a helicopter and a share of the New York Yankees.

Moore even offered an apology to the profit-driven firms such as AIG and Goldman Sachs that he criticized heavily in the film, saying that his hostility was simply a misunderstanding. “We shouldn’t blame wealthy executives for having money. I mean, I just bought my first Lamborghini 640 Coupe, and now I truly understand just how cool it feels to spend ridiculous amounts of money on things you know no one else will be able to afford.”

Moore has already begun production on his new film, “Guns, Money, and Sick People: How to End The Social Security Crisis For Good”

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