MINNEAPOLIS—Minnesota Vikings Team Captain Brett Favre took over 15 minutes to decide whether to pick heads or tails on the ceremonial coin flip before last Sunday’s game. Both Brett’s fellow captains and the other team’s just waited for his decision, captivated by the future Hall of Famer’s every thought.


Brett has a history of being indecisive, so when he first declared heads, the referees waited and asked if he was sure. He shook his head a lot, shed some tears and muttered something about saying goodbye.


As the refs started to toss the coin, he blurted out for them to wait, but wouldn’t tell them if he wanted to switch to tails right away. After minutes of speculation, he finally changed his mind and requested the switch to tails, prompting NFL analysts to suddenly question the old adage, “tails never fails,” and ask if a 40 year old coin should really still be used in the NFL.


Favre won the coin toss, but fans believe it was because star running back, Adrian Peterson imposed his will on the coin, rather than the aging Favre’s decision.

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