STANFORD, CA—A controversial video showing Roble residents questioning Rice on her policies has been a hit on YouTube. Due to its popularity, the video has since been picked up by several national TV networks. This video has prompted an investigation into what experts are claiming to be “very serious allegations regarding torture and other war crimes.”

The investigation has revealed that Condoleeza Rice subjected Guantanamo prisoners to IHUM. Although denying in the Roble video that she subjected the prisoners to torture, strong evidence has proven otherwise.

Video clips have been uncovered that show the prisoners being subjected to IHUM 4B: Mass Violence lectures. In what could be deciphered from the clips, prisoners were heard screaming, “No, not the IHUM. Anything but the IHUM.”

Rice has claimed in several public statements that she was not responsible for IHUM. “I never authorized the IHUM, and only conveyed what was told to me from the President [Henessey] , and that it would be legal.”

In the Roble video, one student asked Condi repeatedly, “Is IHUM torture?” After a brief awkward silence, she responded, “I dont know. Go do your IHUM homework.”

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