Stanford senior Alicia Wesson has reportedly found the recruitment site of the company Prismatech, an inconspicuous company actively recruiting CS and other Engineering graduates to help in their mission of “providing global solutions to the world’s most cutting edge geospatial analytics problems.” Their company website has little-to-no information about potential products or applications, although it does say that they are signed with a lucrative contract to the US government.
“I can’t for the life of me figure out what these ‘global solutions’ are,” said Alicia, ’17. “There was one page on their website where they mentioned disaster recovery and rapid response, but they never explained which disasters or how.” Prismatech’s website is full of digital maps of Europe and the Middle East, but it is unclear what the purpose of these maps are. “They don’t seem to be a cartography company. At least not primarily.”
Other than pictures of maps, Prismatech’s website boldly features stock photos of white people in cold weather gear standing on mountains and facing away from the camera. Based out of Richmond, VA, the foliage is completely wrong for that region, although friendly sans-serif text on top of the picture advertises “dynamic spatial visualization” and “stunning animations of large spatio-temporal data showing millions of entities”.
“Yeah, they said I’ll need to get security clearance to work there,” said Alicia. “That’s fine, I guess.”

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