Every once in a while, man creates something so powerful and so destructive that you cannot help but question the existence of an intelligent, compassionate creator. The atom bomb, for example, and also bullets. But other times, man creates a thing that is so delightful, so crunchy and zesty that you think, “hey, fella, maybe life isn’t all slipping and falling.” That is what this reviewer discovered when he first crunched his teeth all over the Chips.

Snack Chips, as the name would imply, are a thin slice of vegetable that was beheaded and fried. I first heard of Chips from my good friend. He said to me, “try these they will help you” and I did and they did. I bit into the large plastic bag, which is referred to as “Chips,” until it gave way and revealed the beautiful nectars (which are also called Chips) inside. Once inside, I was finally able to taste the zests that so many commercials in the television have warned me about.

There are many different brands of Chips, including cheesy. The brand that I tried was called “Sour Cream and Onion,” and it tasted not that good. The ensuing crunching that happened, however, was spectacular. Never before have my teeth created such a symphony inside of my head.

For that reason, I give Chips a solid 3.5/5, a commendable score considering the excellent, ear-watering noises and the horrible, awful taste that they produced. crrRRRUUUNCH!

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