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Last Friday, several student groups from around campus set up shop in White Plaza to recruit new members and to make their presence known on campus. The following groups tabled at the activities fair.

Stanford Women in the Kitchen worked to raise awareness of the barriers keeping women from pursuing their essential roles in the kitchen.

The Bing Underseas Studies program promoted their new curriculum which features guest lecturers such as Sponge Bob Square Pants and student favorite Nemo, the Clown Fish.

Alongside Bing Underseas Studies was the Fishing Club. Unfortunately, all members of the club had gone fishing.

The Mile High Club hoped to find people interested in learning how to maximize the enjoyment of their airplane flights. The club placed a special emphasis on Post-9/11 mile high club tactics, styles, and techniques.

Gaieties also made an appearance at the fair, working to recruit “family friendly” writers for Gaieties 2011. Included at the Gaieties table was a sample script, fully redacted and safe for all toddlers and minorities.

The fair also included a community service group, Tutoring for the Over privileged, which sends tutors to West Palo Alto to teach wealthy children how to navigate through complex subdivision side streets and how to get their maid to do their laundry.

The Pillow Fight Club was one of the more popular clubs at the fair. It worked to recruit new members by initiating pillow fights with nearby pedestrians. (Don’t worry, the rules of the club prohibit headshots and down feathers—feathers poke out of pillows and can really hurt)

On the academic side of the fair, advocates for the new Love Major were on hand to explain the requirements of the new major, including ME 302: Making Love and Chem 22: Love Potions. Similarly, recruiters for the Pen 15 club, also known as UPenn Class of 15 were passing out Pen15 wrist bands and informational fliers.

The Mailing List club worked hard at recruiting, offering new members the opportunity to subscribe to thousands of lists and to hear about the newest Viagra sales and Nigerian prince scams.

For the hungrier fair participants, Club Sandwich provided some well-needed relief—offering free chips and Ike’s to potential members.

Next to Club Sandwich was Club That Can’t Handle Me Right Now, for the super-cool kids of Stanford.

The more industrial students stopped by the table of Silicon Valley’s hottest new startup, Jitterbunk. Jitterbunk is the first startup to connect people in new and previously unexplored ways (Check it out at

Finally, the infamous Flipside Segway was present at the Activities Fair. As part of Segwayers of Stanford, the Segway representative worked to convince bicyclists to give up their bikes in favor of a more modern, high-tech mode of transporation.

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