After yet another FACES packed with jaw-dropping performances, stirring investigations of identity, and heartwarming overtones of unity, the organizers of NSO have announced plans to venture far below the chin in 2016.

“The first half of next year’s FACES will remain a celebration of the gorgeous mosaic of individuals that make up our school,” an organizer confirmed. “But that second half- follow me here. Close up on a neck; slender, thick. A man slowly removes his collar. A woman takes off her scarf. Necks. Necks everywhere. You getting this? Listen. The lights sharpen, and the audience is led to follow the cascade of the necks before them. We descend, we glide along the necks’ arcs and bows, we are seduced by their tender curvature, until… the terminus.  The torso. Torsos. Torsos: tossing, tittering, twisting. Torsos! Torsos and necks! Torsos and necks and faces and necks and torsos! Don’t you get it? Don’t you see?”

Sources hint that planners originally wanted to go so far as to involve Ankles and Toes, but that administrators insisted that the event remain safely above the waist. Little consideration was given to the Arms, which all parties agreed are “just sort of lanky and weird”.

“This is a huge moment for our community,” said Vice Provost Harry Elam. “Our student body deserves to have as much of its body represented as possible. We aren’t just faces; we’re also the tube-like structure that holds them up, and the mammalian mass below it. The class of 2020 had better get ready; their necks and torsos are about to be held up to the height they deserve.

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