Sucking freely from the bendy straw that contained his third Mai Tai of the day, Johnny Dawkins seemed relaxed after earning a well-deserved Spring Break through the stagnancy of his coaching. While the Stanford Men’s Basketball team will continue their postseason play in the NIT, Dawkins will be staying at the five-star Playa Grande Resort in sunny Cabo San Lucas. Dawkins was unapologetic in interviews, stating that “Who really cares about the NIT anyway? If I really wanted to work over Spring Break, I would have won more than 1 of my last 5 games.”

While the resort may seem somewhat luxurious for a college basketball coach, Dawkins was able to pay for the trip and the associated hotel costs from the proceeds of the multi-million dollar, five-year contract he signed last year.  Dawkins had previously stated that the long grind of the Pac-12 season had been becoming tiring for him, and he was looking forward to such a relaxing break from coaching. Over the past week, Dawkins has been seen working on his golf game on Cabo’s pristine courses, while also attempting to finish his scuba diving certification that he started in 2013 when Stanford failed once again to make the NCAA tournament.

Dawkins, who at the time of printing was halfway through the light reading that he brought, was overjoyed at his surroundings. “I might have to start coming here more often,” said Dawkins, “more often than usual, that is. I mean, there’s no comparison between Cabo and Columbus, OH. This way we all get what we want. I get to spend my vacation in lovely Mexico, and the fans get to see me not coach for a week.”

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