Faculty Director Russell Berman is proud to announce a new Introductory Seminar, entitled “Kill A Man”, will be offered this Spring Quarter. For ten intensive weeks, undergraduates will learn the intricate process of first-degree murder with emphasis on real world applications. As with all IntroSems, “Kill A Man” is a beginner-friendly course and assumes no prior knowledge in homicide. For the first few classes, students will learn basic fundamentals such as the weakest parts of the human skull and proper corpse disposal. Then, students will venture out into the field to apply their classroom knowledge with night trips to downtown San Francisco. Applications should be called in by burner phone to an unlisted number at (650-7-MURDER).

Director Berman hopes the appeal of the pilot IntroSem extends far beyond its class material. “The professor leading this seminar, John Edward Daley, has first-hand experience in the rapidly-expanding world of murder, and is incredibly passionate about the subject,” says Director Berman. “We believe the close relationships students will forge with the professor and each other will really get them excited about this subject.” The introductory seminar will be offered to both freshmen and sophomores. APPLY NOW.

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