For years, people who happen to be white have found the pumpkin spice latte to be one of the best parts of fall. “I just love the warmth and flavor of the pumpkin spice latte,” reports junior Abbey Peterson, who grew up in an upper class suburb of North Carolina and is, purely by coincidence, white.

Reports also indicate that many others, who by some odd fluke of fate, by some other-worldy kismet that scientists may never explain, mark the little ‘white’ bubble when taking the SATs have also allegedly enjoyed that the latte is so ‘seasonal.’

Honestly, I just can’t imagine fall anymore without the spicy caffeinated tingle of this drink,” continued Peterson, who owns two pairs of Uggs because of how comfortable they are and is an active member of Alpha Phi, although none of this really has anything to do with her enjoyment of the warm beverage.

Emily Miller, who also happens to be white, agrees. “The flavor is just so bold,” reports Miller, who reportedly enjoys going to Farmers Markets on the weekends to take Instagram pictures and buy organic kale. “I just wish it had less calories. Ugh.”

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