Claiming that she was “looking for something to do over Spring Break” and that “the whole thing really took on a life of its own,” sophomore Katie Wheeler successfully managed to binge-watch every season of Netflix over the course of the past week.

“Campus was really slow over Spring Break.  A friend recommended Netflix and I decided to humor her and watch the first few episodes,” Wheeler explains.  “I don’t usually have that addictive of a personality, but once I started watching I just got really into all the different characters and storylines and I was totally hooked.”

Wheeler told reporters that she had to pull some all-nighters to finish the last few seasons, but it was “oddly rewarding” to consume a substantial portion of humanity’s entire historic creative output for a first-month payment of $7.99.

“To be honest, I thought I might only get through the first and second seasons of The Walking Dead, but before I knew it I was five seasons deep in American Dad and at that point I had to finish it off.”

At press time, Wheeler was considering whether or not to start Hulu given her workload for the upcoming quarter.

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