The must-see film of the quarter follows an aspiring hip-hop star from the wrong side of the Escondido Drive as she meets a CS coterm who has always yearned to take Social Dance. Watch as they dance, compete, train, and do everything in their power to login to Coursework.

Audiences rave! It’ll have you on the edge of your seat so you can reach into your pocket for your phone because you’re going to need to do that now whenever you check your email. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what the crates are saying:

The San Francisco Chronicle gives Step Up: Authentication a thumbs-up, calling it “the best information technology dance movie since Flashdrive.”

“The climactic dance to save Meyer Library was breathtaking…I can’t wait for Stanford Webmail to require a fingerprint scan,” says the Palo Alto Weekly.

Authentication is a can’t-miss,” reports the Mercury News, “and not just because it’s mandatory!”

The Stanford Daily calls Step Up Authentication “Completely…reasonable…this is exactly the sort of change…we…need.”

Passion. Security. Hope. Betrayal. Loss. Justice. Frustration. Stanford.


Coming soon to a screen near you. Open to select users beginning October 3.

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