Hot on the coattails of the successes of Cars, Cars 2, and Planes, Pixar announced this week that it will be releasing a movie in 2016 about literal piles of shit with adorable animated faces.

Entitled “Number Two,” the film will follow the fecal deputy of the small town of Water Closet as he leads his community on a journey through New York City sewers, circumventing the terrible leadership of the sheriff along the way.

President of Pixar Ed Catmull said he’s looking forward to a new perspective on a universe full of anthropomorphized inanimate objects. “We’ve seen this world from the ground and from the sky,” said Catmull, “and now everyone will get to see what goes on underground after the toilet is flushed.”

The film will no doubt continue Pixar’s trend of making high-quality movies that are fun for children and adults alike. The animation team is already hard at work rendering every stool in crisp 3D. Each heap of excrement is guaranteed to be relatable in a way that only Pixar can pull off, both breaking your heart and lifting your spirit in the first ten minutes.

“This will be a great movie that the whole family can connect with,” Catmull said. “We’ve never had the potential to draw such a wide audience before, but as the classic children’s book reassures us, everybody poops.”

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