This past Saturday, while the rest of the campus was rocking out to Modest Mouse, the Stanford Necromancer Society celebrated the great accomplishment of one of their most ambitious projects to date: the revival of Robert Frost.

The Stanford Necromancer Society, which typically meets in Old Union on Tuesday nights to study and practice techniques for raising the dead, has had a long history of interesting projects. For example, in 1893 the Society revived the corpse of Leland Stanford Jr. for approximately thirty seconds before a young Herbert Hoover, then gunning to be the Society’s “Grand Patriarch,” knocked over the wrong ceremonial candle and ruined the ritual, thereby killing Leland Jr. again. This time, however, the Society did not allow for failure and as a result, had an incredibly successful Robert Frost Revival.

“The event was simply amazing,” said the Society’s current Grand Patriarch Aaron Nimlitz, as he packed his incense and magic staff into a small inventory sack, “we just sprinkled some pesto and myrrh around a five pointed star, chanted some gibberish in Aramaic, and then suddenly, wham. There before us stood that famous poet who took the road less traveled. And let me tell you, it was the pesto that made all the difference.”

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