Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made headlines last week by selling a record $614 of stuff at his garage sale. The landmark sale, which took place on Friday, May 18th, was the largest garage sale (in dollars) of the quarter in his whole neighborhood.

Though many buyers feel they got a good deal at the garage sale, all eyes will be on Mr. Zuckerberg in the coming months to see if the buyers keep their goods, or if the same crap ends up with a handwritten price tag on another lawn before the summer’s over.

Among the buyers at Mr. Zuckerberg’s garage sale was Wendy Gallagher, who bought a window air conditioning unit for $85. “I’m taking classes this summer and I heard it gets hot as balls in Lantana,” she said.

This breaks the previous garage sale record set by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who sold their weed wacker and several dozen other items for a total of $543 at a garage sale the previous Tuesday.

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