In a stunning revelation that is sending shock waves throughout East Campus, Otero freshman Taylor Cooper is facing allegations of showing up to Math 51 office hours last Tuesday with no motive other than to brown-nose the professor and get help completing his problem set.

The first report leaked to the media late last week when Cooper’s roommate claimed to hear him complaining about not having enough letters of recommendation for his summer job application.

“One day he’s stressed because he doesn’t have a letter of rec, and the next day he’s going to office hours? I’m just saying… it seems a little suspicious to me,” stated his roommate.

Once the story broke, accusations began pouring in from multiple sources. According to numerous members of Cooper’s study group, he had trouble completing Problem #8 on the p-set and talked about going to his TA for help.

Professors and TAs across campus have banded together and issued a joint statement on the unfolding events: “While we recognize that isolated incidents like Mr. Cooper’s represent an egregious violation of the spirit of Office Hours, we want to emphasize that the majority of students still come due to their deep intellectual curiosity and desire to build more personal relationships with their instructors.”

Flipside reporters tried to contact professors during their office hours for comment, but received no reply because they were all too busy helping students with problem sets.

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