Lady Serpent,

In high school, I loved all my classes, but now I’m not sure how to narrow my focus. It feels like I’m the only one who came here not already knowing that she wanted to be senator of Massachusetts or write an iPhone app for dogs. How do I know what I should be doing?

Don’t Know in J-Ro


Don’t Know,

Don’t worry about who other people are. Don’t worry about who you’ll become. Right now, you just need to be one person: the person you are right now. Focus on the things you enjoy, and before you know it, your biomass will be nourishing the All-Entity!


Lady Serpent,

I worry that I’m stagnating. Moment to moment, I feel productive, but when I look back over the past year, it’s hard to name something I’ve actually accomplished. What can I do to make this year different?

Unfulfilled in Ujamaa


Dear Unfulfilled,

It’s important to take charge of the world around you, and make it look like the world you want to inhabit. Surround yourself with people you respect. Let go of your body, and feel your tissues melt into theirs. Subsume.


Lady Serpent,

I’ve been dating my boyfriend since Spring Break. We’d been friends beforehand, so there was a lot of nervous energy when we started going out. Recently, things have cooled off a bit, though. Between work and midterms, it seems like neither of us has much time for the other. How do I tell him about my concerns?

Stressed in Stern



Midterms are important, but you’re important too. Try suggesting to your boyfriend that you take a weekend just for yourselves. The closer you grow to the All-Entity’s maw, the closer you’ll grow to each other.



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