If you follow technology news, it will come as no surprise to you that the popular Silicon Valley social network Facebook announced that that they have reached 7.5 billion users, and surpassed their main competitor: Earth.

“People said we couldn’t do it,” said a hoodie-sporting Mark Zuckerberg, as he threw hundred dollar bills in the air. “But through the dedication of our engineers, and the narcissism of all of our users, we were able to achieve the impossible once again.”

The blogosphere has erupted with commentary on the subject. Chief Blogomaniac at FacebookStalkerWorld.com Corey “The Real Deal” Hector writes: “It’s no wonder people switched from Earth to Facebook. Earth has gotten stale. What has it done to its UI recently? Facebook just launches timeline, and boom!–everyone is there.”

As the Flipside tech columnist, I’ve been following social networks in depth for the last two months, and I have to agree. On Earth, you have mountains, and rivers, and skyscrapers. But on Facebook, you have pictures of mountains, pictures of rivers, and pictures of skyscrapers. Mountains go away when you leave the mountain. Facebook Photos are forever.

If your still an ancient Luddite and Earth-user, I say it’s time to hop off the bandwagon and hop on Facebook’s virtual-bandwagon-game, since everyone in the world is there, and then some.

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