On the verge of the annual dorm ski trips, many Stanford students are worried about the way in which this year’s record low snowfall will impact trip quality. “I know there won’t be much snow, but I’m definitely still planning on drinking a shit ton,” said Sophomore Will Gold as he replaced his ski goggles with his beer goggles. Some students are complaining that it will feel weird being in Tahoe in the winter with so little snow, but they are still confident that they will get thoroughly trashed. “I’ve never been skiing before,” said Freshman heavyweight Sarah Lee as she dusted off her fake ID. “I’m really excited to drink at altitude because I’ve heard that you don’t need to drink as much to get fucked up.” Students are also excited to get lost on the way there, hook up with their dorm mates, and try to guess what is in the hot tub besides water.

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