Last week, scandal erupted when a celebrity gossip website posted photos of a topless young woman and claimed that the woman was none other than Taylor Swift. Swift’s representatives quickly assured fans that the photos were fake, but these statements did little to stop negative speculation about the starlet.

As a result, Swift herself took action last night by posting a topless photo of herself to her official website as proof that the original photos were fake. She wrote the following explanation: “This is what I actually look like topless. If you compare this photo with the other ones, you’ll see that the nipple color is completely different and that my boobs are quite a bit firmer than that other girl’s. I hope this convinces everybody once and for all!”

It appears that Swift’s latest move was successful in quelling the concerns of her fans. According to Carol Turner, mother of two preteen Swift fans, “I had a bit of doubt before, but this photo convinced me that those other photos were fake. I’m really relieved to know that Taylor Swift is the great role model I thought she was. Unlike most other celebrities, she has morals and values and doesn’t just take off her clothes at the drop of a hat.”

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