North Park Elementary 2nd grader and renowned criminal sketch artist Joey Habman was the hero of last week’s Stanford police hunt.

Police contacted the savant artist Habman, who has been drawing since at least kindergarten, to jot down the crucial details of the suspect’s profile. The victim of the robbery reportedly told police that the suspect had “two eyes, hair, and a nose, and about ten fingers and two legs.”

From this striking detail, Habman was able to beautifully reconstruct a Crayola facial composite drawing of the suspect. “He had his own artistic interpretation of the profile,” said Julie Habman, Joey’s mother. “He really felt the way to get the message across was through the pink flowers, big yellow sun, and really big tree.”

After the criminal sketch was released, the Stanford community rallied together and was able to quickly find the robber. “We think the tree was what eventually caught the suspect,” said chief of police Roy McKinley. “He was just standing right next to that big tree.”

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