Mia Lee, ’14, walked out her of her IHUM class still drowsy and had a moment of pure terror.

“I looked at the bike rack outside my class, and I didn’t see my bike. For like, 10 full seconds, I literally thought it was stolen.”

Ms. Lee started “flipping a shit”, frantically moving her eyes back and forth over the bike racks looking for her bike. As people walked by her, unlocking their bikes, serving as constant reminders of what Lee did not have, her panic rose.

And then, after the 10 seconds, her terror turned to awkward shame as she scanned few more feet to the left and saw it, her shiny new Schwinn, locked right where she had put it an hour ago. She gave a sigh of relief, though not too loudly in case anyone might discover the embarrassing truth, and did her best to bike away pretending like nothing had happened.

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