The Director’s Cup is a trophy given every year to the best athletic school in the nation. Voted on by a group of collegiate athletic leaders, the trophy is awarded each year based on which university in the nation has had the best overall athletics program. For the past 16 years, Stanford University has taken the prize each year, destroying the competition.

However, the recent information that was part of the massive leak orchestrated by WikiLeaks has revealed a disturbing bit of truth.

The Director’s Cup isn’t real.

“I mean we’ve been telling Stanford this for years.” says Michael Crabtree, the President of the NCAA and the man in charge of all college sports organizations. “They just made up this award, and just keep giving it to themselves. It’s actually really frustrating.”

The NCAA is weighing a proposed set of tough sanctions against Stanford, who has been using the ‘prestige’ of the Director’s Cup to recruit the nation’s top athletes for years under false pretenses.

“It’s just not fair.” notes Crabtree. “And seriously. We’ve sent emails, letters, everything, telling Stanford there’s no such thing as a ‘Director’s Cup.’ They just wouldn’t listen.”

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