THE SHAK–In what was both a difficult religious and logistical decision, crucial band member and devout Jew Ben Shenkman decided not to partake in the game versus the Demon Deacons this past Saturday.

Shenkman, who plays the kazoo in the band, joined only three days earlier and has quickly taken a leadership role in the renowned band. “It was really a tough situation for me,” said Shenkman. “I don’t want to let down the football team, my section, the band, my university, my country, or mankind as a whole. I know they depend on me for those buzzing sounds, but sometimes you just have to make hard decisions.”

Band members lay on both sides of this issue. Many respect what his faith means to him, but others question his devotion to an organization he just joined.

“If this is all it takes for him to miss a game, what’s next?” said bone player Robby, “First you miss games on Yom Kippur, and then you start missing games on Shabbat, and then you miss the whole season.”

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