Stanford Opens White Men’s Community Center

November 2, 2009 1:51 am
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Stanford Opens White Men’s Community Center

After fighting for years, white males will no longer be the only demographic on campus lacking an official community center. Although unofficial white cultural hubs such as the Stanford Crew Team and Sigma Chi have promoted vibrant white cultural communities in the past, student founder John Samson II was quick to point out the gap the community center will fill.

“We have seen our representation numbers decrease precipitously from thirty years ago, and we feel as if our cultural presence and traditions are being threatened on campus.” Samson also outlined inequalities in the present system: “It’s not fair that everyone else gets free printing at their community center. But what do you get if you’re white? An awkward invitation to the Asian Community Center Speaker Series, but no free printing.”

Located in what was formerly Room 216 of Old Union, the White Men’s Community Center will officially open its doors to constituents this Thursday. The WMCC hopes to cultivate an atmosphere where everybody is welcome in the center, but only white people actually.