Up and Coming Rapper Lil Cash Raps About How Much Money He Has

October 4, 2009 4:22 pm
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The Flipside was recently given the opportunity to briefly interview this rising hip hop artist. Lil Cash, without any prompt from us, stated that “I’m so paid” and that all the “haters” out there calling his name ironic are “just hatin”. We pressed the issue further, reminding the rapper that ‘Lil’ is an abbreviation of Little, and that his name therefore means, “Little Cash”. Suddenly angry, Lil Cash ended the interview with the statement “Umma do me, you do you!” You can check out Lil Cash’s newest album, “Got Lil Cash in Ma Pocket” set to be released in a few days. There is also talk that he plans to collaborate with hip hop legends Soulja Boy and OJ Da Juiceman in an album next year.