STANFORD (AP) ­ Two weeks ago sophomore Sharon Dasuli entered Dr. Von Nostrand’s office for what she thought was a routine meeting to discuss marine biology. Once inside, professor Von Nostrand locked the door and shut the blinds. What happened next would change Sharon’s life forever.

“I didn’t think it was wrong at first,” Sharon lamented, “But I soon realized that I was mistaken. I trusted Dr. Von Nostrand, and now I have to pay the price.”

Inside that small office, Dr. Von Nostrand gave Sharon Dasuli crabs. “It wasn’t intimate or anything, we just talked, then he did it, and it was over.” When Sharon went to the Stanford Hospital with crabs, she was immediately questioned by doctors. “They asked me where I had gotten the crabs and whether I was a willing party. I told them about professor Von Nostrand, and that I had been willing but that I didn’t think anything was wrong.”

Sharon Dasuli would soon find out that the crabs had been stolen from the aquarium in Monterrey and that it was a felony to be in possession of the crabs. Dr. Von Nostrand had tricked Sharon into taking the crabs for research purposes, thereby displacing blame from himself for having stolen them. Sharon is now out of jail on $25,000 bond.

For his part, Dr. Von Nostrand has been suspended by Stanford University, and is under
investigation by the police. This scandal has rocked the marine biology world in what is being called the worst case of crabs ever.

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