Pssst — hey! Hey you!

Yeah, you, with the cute face and the existential dread. Great to see ya! We just wanted to write a quick back-to-school note (especially for all those new folks out there) and pre-emptively answer some of those burning-hot questions this here slip of paper might be raising.

Who are you? Well, we’re the goddam Stanford Flipside! You may know us from our glaring presence in the dining halls, our clever puzzles (shot glasses for the winners btw), or maybe you just love to eat paper!

So you’re like the Daily? NO! No. We’re not. While you might see some attempts at satire on their papier mache-ready pages, they also report actual campus news. Better than we could, for sure. And another thing, we don’t come out daily. Jeez… could you imagine?

Oh gotcha. So you’re like the FoHo? Nope, another miss — though we do admire the highlighting and emoji-ing they pull off.

Okay, so what’s up? Here’s our deal: we write satire about campus and global news, with a lot of absurdity thrown in. Sound like your kind of thing? Well, help us help the Earth and stop using 1/8th of the Amazon rainforest ever week by subscribing to the email version of our weekly newspaper. You should be able to find a big old link on our webpage Want to get involved yourself? Swing by our brainstorm meetings on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm in Old Union room 113 and get involved with writing, art, design, or whatever else you think we should move into!

Can I go now? One last thing: we write satire! We say it every issue, but it’s worth emphasizing. We write about real issues in a fictional way. We’re not aiming to offend you, but we think that (most) aspects of life at Stanford are ridiculous and warrant some reframing. Capiche? Capiche.

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