Full Moon on the Quad BINGO: FLIPSIDE EDITION 

January 14, 2019 7:00 pm


Flipside Member  “Sober” Monitor   




A literal goldfish (A Tall) Flipside Member 
Flipside Member with a Flappy Tongue   Two Flipside Members Stacked Under a Trench Coat Flipside Member  Flipside member in the middle of an existential breakdown  

An actual tree. Like a birch or something.


Flipside Member Member of the Flipside Tree Space!  ˈflip ˌsīd – membər (n)  

Flipside Member 


Your own reflection, you disgusting fuck Flipside Member with a Large Member  (SPECIAL CHALLENGE:)

Flipside member who makes actually good jokes

(A Smol) Flipside Member  Flipside Member of Ambiguous Ethnicity
Flipside Member  A snacc that smiles back Flipside member eating goldfish Flipside Member   

Flipside Member with Mommy Issues