The dating app Humble, coming from the makers of the well-known dating app Bumble, is the new online dating craze. For those who lack the confidence to ask someone out in person, turn to online dating. If that still does not fulfill your self-effacing needs, turn to Humble. Humble serves the under confident in ways unprecedented for online dating.

First, set up your profile. All photos are required to have poor lighting, be of low photo quality, or include more attractive friends. Make sure to use Snapchat filters! Choose adjectives such as “witty” and “charming” and then describe how you feel that those words do not accurately describe you. In your bio, be brutally honest to your self-deprecating self by letting people know exactly how tall you are, and that you do not perform well under pressure. Finish it off by rating yourself out of five stars. The average rating is 2.2 stars, 2 stars if we are really being honest with ourselves.

In Humble, you can find people whose expectations for their love life meet the standards you set for yourself. Namely, not high ones. Said Jeff, frequent user of Humble, “this app has given me the confidence to tell people what I truly think of myself. I am just being honest, and I want to find a soul mate who is equally unimpressive.” When asked to give his best quality, Jeff recounted “this one time my buddy Sean told me that he thought I was kind of funny but I don’t really know, he might not have meant it.”

If you are looking for some to talk to about the weather, someone to cry with through romantic comedies, or even just an awkward hook up, come try out Humble.

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